Everything DiSC® Trainer Certification
(Inscape Publishing/Wiley)

Everything DiSC® Trainer Certification (in-person)

Are you searching for in-depth knowledge of Everything DiSC® Official certification is conducted only by Inscape Publishing/Wiley, the publisher of DiSC programs. Everything DiSC® Certification is not required to facilitate Everything DiSC® programs, but if you want to gain hands-on experience to help you gain confidence as well as learn about customization, facilitation, the newest DiSC research and more, you will benefit from the Everything DiSC® Trainer Certification program. Certification is available for the Everything DiSC® family of products.

Client must own or have access to an Everything DiSC® Facilitation Kit; Sold Separately

The Inscape Everything DiSC® Certified Trainer designation gives you:

Confidence and credentials to conduct Everything DiSC® sessions.

An immersion in the Everything DiSC model and the newest DiSC® research.

In-depth knowledge Everything DiSC®.

Experience customizing Everything DiSC® Profiles, Handouts, PowerPoint and Video.

2017 Dates: Minneapolis, MN
May 9-10
June 6-7
August 1-2
September 12-13

Please contact Training Solutions, Inc. to register for an Everything DiSC® Trainer Certification class. Call 703.318.0838 or email info@trainingsolutions.com. We will give you personalized service and will take care of the registration details for you. You will pay the required $1800 registration fee directly to Training Solutions, and we will arrange for you to receive the Everything DiSC® facilitation kit of your choice. Classes are limited to 20 people and sell out quickly so register as soon as you can.

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