Be S.A.F.E (Not Sorry)™: Preventing Violence (DVD)
(Sollah Interactive)

Be S.A.F.E (Not Sorry)™: Preventing Violence (DVD)

Each year at work, 1,000 people are homicide victims, and two million people are assaulted. Now, help your employees be S.A.F.E.: Stay aware; Analyze the situation; Factor in feelings; Engage in a solution. They will learn to recognize behaviors and warning signs of potential threats from coworkers and what steps to take to protect themselves and others.

Along with the DVD, you will receive via an email soft copies of the support materials. They include the leaders guide and reproducible participant materials for you to use in delivering the program.

Attention: Now available online through TAG (Training Assets Gateway), a library providing you with ready-to-use classroom and e-learning courses and hundreds of vignettes you can use to develop new training or to enhance/build upon existing training and blend them together. Sollah recently purchased VisionPoint's 600 programs and are now integrated into TAG.
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