Lets Face It: Harassment Training for Supervisors (DVD)

Lets Face It: Harassment Training for Supervisors (DVD)

Today, managers and supervisors must be trained to prevent and correct harassment situations at work. Harassment training is now mandatory in some states and many others will soon follow. With potential liabilities growing, management must understand their vital role in understanding and eliminating this phenomenon.

In today's diverse and relaxed work environments, the issue of harassment has never been more poignant. Despite increased awareness and years of prevention attempts, employees fail to respect ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age and many other factors. Let's Face It informs and explains to your managers all appropriate steps to maintain a harassment-free, safe and productive work environment.

This program includes all you need to deliver the training. Trainer's package includes Leader's Guide and Participant Materials. To preview, click the FREE Video Preview. Quantity discounts available.

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