Motivation: Igniting Exceptional Performance (LDVD)

Motivation: Igniting Exceptional Performance (LDVD)

Spark up employee performance. Ignite top-calibre talent. You can get things going with this program. It explains the advantages of spontaneous interaction, of a walk-around style of management and of an open-door policy in all organizational levels. It also describes ingenious ways to tap individual initiative, set up a suggestion-system and transform employees into agents of positive change.

In this program, managers discover the powerful use of simple, ongoing one-on-one recognition and continuous informal recognition. And as they develop employee trust, build confidence and encourage creativity, they ultimately create a work environment that's more than poised and ready to solve organizational challenges.

This program includes all you need to deliver the training. Trainer's package includes Leader's Guide and Participant Materials. To preview, click the FREE Video Preview. Quantity discounts available.


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