Coping With Difficult People-Parts One and Two (LDVD)

Coping With Difficult People-Parts One and Two (LDVD)

Know-It-Alls. Experts. Complainers. Just to name a few people who drive you nuts and whom you wish not to meet at work. But meeting them is inevitable, and like it or not, you have to deal with them properly. Otherwise, life will only become more difficult. Coping with Difficult People explains six different personality types that not only annoy but also reduce morale and affect productivity. But more importantly, the program shows you how not to let these people get to you, your staff and your organization.

Part one show Know-it-all Experts, Stallers and Snipers. Part two shows Complainers, Super-Agreeables and Tanks.

Each program can be purchased indvidually at $450 each.

This program includes all you need to deliver the training. Trainer's package includes Leader's Guide and Participant Materials. To preview, click the FREE Video Preview. Quantity discounts available.


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