Everything DiSC® Bonus Video (USB)
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Everything DiSC® Bonus Video (USB)

Timeless favorites bring new life to training.

Perk up your Everything DiSC® training with our favorite videos of all time. Whether you're looking for communication, teambuilding, management, conflict, or sales, you'll find video you can use to complement your Everything DiSC training. This collection of straightforward and humorous video clips allows participants to connect with the learning on a personal level.

Use the clips as the foundation for a sales presentation, to practice people-reading with your clients, or to wake your participants up after lunch!

Video highlights include:

A general overview of the behaviors of different DiSC styles

Examples of ineffective and effective communication

Informal, unscripted interviews with people of all four DiSC styles

Edgy, over-the-top humor that shows style differences in the extreme

Differences between DiSC styles when in conflict, and how behavior may be misunderstood

Managers interacting both ineffectively and effectively with employees with different DiSC styles

Salespeople exhibit how to close a sale more effectively by adapting their approach to meet their customer's needs

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