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CheckPoint is a powerful professional development tool, designed to positively impact an individual's growth and career, and an organization's success. For managers, supervisors, and others in leadership positions, it can facilitate peak performance that generates improved productivity to the workplace. CheckPoint is an ongoing process that can be used at key intervals to monitor the progress of professional growth.

A Framework for Professional Development

This 360 degree or multi-source assessment provides a full circle overview of an individual's abilities by gathering information from various perspectives: self, 2 supervisors, five direct reports and five peers.

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Competency in 18 skill areas is highlighted so that strengths can be identified and weaknesses can be addressed. The 18 skills are broken into eight categories: communication, leadership, adaptability, relationships, task management, production, development of others and personal development.

Feedback is presented in a practical, easy-to-read report that compares responses to the survey. The graphic and numeric report provides a visual summary of results, as well as detailed statistics. While the feedback helps describe where participants are, the CheckPoint Development Planner helps illustrate where they can go. This self-initiated improvement plan involves first examining the feedback data, then generating related developmental goals. CheckPoint provides a clear, specific outline for the process. Participants take charge of personal change.

The system requires no certification. Convenience is the major consideration for the time and place for both survey administration and review of results. All survey information is processed off-site so privacy is protected. Turn-around time between survey completion and feedback response is minimal. Conclusions are precise and suggestions for development straightforward. It is a practical, efficient system that provides a framework for periodic measurement of periodic measurement of professional progress and for achieving high levels of success.

CheckPoint gets to the point.

The CheckPoint System includes:

  • The Survey

    To help gauge the course of professional development.

    Measuring 70 factors crucial to effective job performance, the multisource survey is both clear and concise. With its easy-to-follow directions, the survey requires no special training for administration and use. Survey forms are completed in approximately 15 minutes by the participant and his or her boss, peers and direct reports (people who report to the participant). Complete customization of the survey, to fit the needs of any organization, is a simple, cost-effective and beneficial option.

  • The Feedback Report

    To help chart the course of professional development.

    The comprehensive CheckPoint report presents results that are easily read and understood. Participants can increase self-awareness, compare perceptions from different workplace sources, measure performance in relation to goals, clarify the expectations of others, and prioritize development needs. An excellent coaching tool, the CheckPoint report provides a balanced picture with valuable insights. Since all reports are processed off-site, confidentiality is assured. Both individual and group reports are available.

  • The Development Planner

    To help route the course of professional development.

    Direct, specific and constructive, the development planner's emphasis is on action. It takes CheckPoint beyond numbers to an exploration of development methods. The self-directed planner includes guides for interpreting data, setting goals and identifying strategies to bring about change. Like other components, the development planner is uncomplicated and results-oriented.

  • SkillBuilder

    To develop the competencies that are most important to professional growth and success.

    Each of the eighteen skill groups in the CheckPoint assessment now has an online, self-directed training program to help participants sharpen their skills identified in the assessment.

  • Organizational Management Reports (OMR)

    OMR enables organizations to compare scores of the groups of participants.

    This is an opportunity to see if there are any consistencies or major competencies in the skill sets of a particular group of participants. A report can have as little as three participants.

Participants Packets:

Includes online assessments for self, 2 supervisors, five direct reports and five peers, with one feedback report. Extra feedback reports can be purchased at an additional fee.

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