Relationship Selling: Understanding Customers' Buying Styles to Sell More

Michael Ferraro
This program is presented in a full-day format. Contact Us

This program will help salespeople communicate better and improve sales relationships. Participants are introduced to the DiSC Sales Map, which informs each step of the process:

  • Discover your DiSC sales style, priorities, strengths, and challenges
  • Recognize and understand your customers' buying styles
  • Learn to navigate from you to your customers

This program is made up of six modules.

Section I: Understanding Your DiSC Sales Style

    Module 1 Goals:
  • Discover the DiSC Sales Map
  • Identify the priorities of your DiSC sales style
    Module 2 Goals:
  • Practice what you've learned about your sales priorities
  • Reflect on how DiSC can improve your sales interactions

Section II: Recognizing and Understanding Customer Buying Styles

    Module 3 Goals:
  • Learn a process for placing customers on the DiSC Map
  • Practice the customer-mapping process
    Module 4 Goals:
  • Explore the priorities that drive each customer buying style
  • Map the buying styles of your customers

Section III: Adapting Your Sales Style to your Customer's Buying Style

    Module 5 Goals:
  • Explore how failing to adapt can interfere with the sales process
  • Discover how to adapt for better outcomes with customers
    Module 6 Goals:
  • Practice adapting to your most challenging customer
  • Develop a plan to improve sales interactions with this customer

The program also offers post-training reinforcement with use of the Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Maps. Participants respond online to questions about a specific customer. They will then receive a personalized "map" that compares their own style with that of the customer. They will learn about priority similarities and differences and explore specific strategies for connecting better with the customer.

This class includes participant pre-work, validated research-based assessments, individualized participant manuals, and rich video content.