Assessment Workforce System

Assessment Workforce System
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TRAINING SOLUTIONS, Inc. will assess your state and local workforce system and make recommendations on your organization's engagement. We will also debrief the assessment report with members of your organization. Through our partnership with IBM Consulting, we can apply for grants and tax credits that we discover for your organization.

State Assessment Includes:

  • Identify all publicly funded training programs, including state allocations.
  • Interview state leaders in the public system.
  • Identify the state workforce board and staff members.
  • Highlight state one-stop system and one stop locations.
  • Highlight all local workforce boards in your state.
  • Identify specific products and services offered by the state for businesses.
  • Make appropriate connections and follow up meetings with state leaders and staff.

Local Assessment Includes:

  • Identify local allocations of all workforce programs (if available).
  • Interview local leaders and staff of your system.
  • Identify locations and services offered by your local one-stop system.
  • Make appropriate connections to the local system.

Ongoing Consulting Includes:

  • Follow up meetings with state and local leaders.
  • Identify state grant/tax credit opportunities and apply.
  • Identify federal grant opportunities and apply.