Workforce Hiring/Retention Tools

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TRAINING SOLUTIONS, Inc. offers products and services that will help HR professionals with hiring and development needs.

PXT Select™ is Wiley's newest hiring assessment. It makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. This online selection assessment measures a candidate in an objective and simple to understand format that can help you to interview better and hire smarter. PXT Select™ measures a candidate's thinking style, behaviors, and interests: three areas that impact an individual's approach to situations in the workplace.

PXT Select™ helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview. Assessment results equip organizations and hiring managers with easy to understand information about the candidate and provides intuitive questions to strengthen the interview process. PXT Select™ has a suite of reports to help organizations to select, onboard, coach and develop employees.

A 360 feedback tool that TRAINING SOLUTIONS recommends and uses is the online Checkpoint 360 which offers a survey measuring 70 factors, an Individual Feedback Report with a Development Planner, a Manager's Report about the individual for the manager, and an Executive Report that compares the scores of individuals in a group. This program can be internally administered or TSI can do the administration.

TRAINING SOLUTIONS, INC. also highly recommends an outstanding “total person” assessment tool called ProfileXT. You can use this online assessment for placement, promotion, self-improvement, coaching, succession planning, and job description development. This program can be internally administered or TSI can do the administration.

The Step One Survey II is a scientifically designed assessment tool that evaluates job applicants for integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic.

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