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Sollah Interactive is a video and technology company that produces adult learning training for today's workforce. Sollah has five (5) key areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Personal Performance
  • Workplace Safety
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The multiple ways of providing rich content are designed to change behavior. This added flexibility provides clients to customize the adult learning path. Below is a description of product categories available along with why Sollah is different than other producers.  

Powerful, Video-Driven Micro-Learning and Classic Courses

Topics covered in eLearning programs include: unconscious (hidden) bias, cultural competence, gender inequality, working with LGBTQ+ colleagues, immigration, disabled coworkers & customers intersectionality and language barriers - to name a few!

TrainingBriefs® eLearning course covers a specific topic - all in about 5 minutes. Each course uses innovative navigation and a dramatic, situational-based video scenario plus interactions and an assessment to reinforce each training objective. They are mobile-ready, responsive courses built in HTML5. These laser-focused courses are designed for all training platforms - helping you aim your message and fulfill learning goals by meeting your ultimate objectives, your training requirements and the needs of your learners.

Classic eLearning courses are self-directed courses that can be taken as stand-alone training or used in a blended learning solution. They contain video vignettes, audio, interactions, and pre/post assessments. Average seat time is 30-45 minutes.

SOLLAH Interactive eLearning courses:

  • Are reviewed yearly and receive updates accordingly/as needed, such as skin colors, interactions, navigation, content (legal or reflective to today's terminology or events within the workforce).
  • Contain dramatic based high-quality video production containing actors, realistic scenarios, key learning points illustrated-- not just a talking head video.
  • Contain topical branching scenarios to engage the adult learner.
  • Contain gaming aspects to engage the adult learner
  • Are published in AICC, SCORM 1.2 or 2004 to ensure proper functioning of the course on any 3rd party platform. (this publishing allows for bookmarking and for tracking/reporting via an LMS)


Sollah provides eLearning courses in multiple seat times providing flexibility to introduce content to the employee population at a strategic pace. This flexibility allows for knowledge transfer strategically for the adult learner to absorb the information and then being applying it immediately. Here's some eLearning categories and their avg seat times:

  • TrainingBriefs avg 5-6 minutes seat time
  • Classic eLearning avg 30 - 45 minutes seat time
  • Advantage eLearning courses avg 40 – 60 minutes seat time
  • Advantage Plus eLearning courses avg 60 minutes seat time

TAG® is a unique cloud-based library that is one of a kind. It provides thousands of award-winning training assets. There is NO other platform providing vignettes and other resources all in one place. TAG means reduced training deployment time and a greater return on your training dollars. TAG allows 24x7, immediate access to powerful, flexible training assets. Just download, organize & train!

The assets are specifically designed to address key areas such as ethics and compliance, inclusion and respect, talent development and so much more. These assets come in the form of video, facilitator guides, participant materials, workbooks, case studies, activities and more - all available and delivered electronically!

  • The vignettes also have support materials such as Discussion Guides, Participant Materials, PowerPoint etc.
  • There is 24/7 easy access to all the vignettes which can be utilized in classroom or one-on-one meetings, training sessions etc.
  • The video vignettes are made available in mp4 format that is universal for ease of use.
  • The video vignettes can be placed into PowerPoint or any other presentation software.
  • The vignettes allow for consistency as the adult learner can view the video online and/or in the classroom.
  • The vignettes can also be used for any learners unable to take the online course and receive the same content resulting in a consistent message.

Award Winning Content

  • Ready-to-use, off-the-shelf training solutions with specific learning objectives.
  • Thought-provoking videos with music, animation, and graphics to instruct, inspire or stimulate discussion.
  • Case studies with real world scenarios with discussion questions.
  • Stand-alone activities to reinforce skills and add variety or depth to existing curriculum.
  • Ancillary items to support and reinforce training initiatives.
  • Access our expert video library and documents for training ideas and support.

Tag is MobileTake

TAG on the go with a mobile app. Immediate access to award-winning instructional design, allowing easy-to-build, customized, client-impactful, training.

What's unique about TAG?

TAG is a unique cloud-based library that provides thousands of award-winning training components including: ready-to-use video-based full comprehensive workshops and eLearning courses - so when you need to develop new training or refresh, enhance or build upon existing - everything is at your fingertips without spending more money. You have complete flexibility by embedding the assets into PowerPoint, stream or place on your LMS.

What's the cost?

Understanding that budgets have been cut or slashed, we've made pricing very simple. There are NO hidden costs and NO trainer/facilitator certifications required. You can license the entire library or license what you need. You only pay for what you need. It's that simple!

What's inside TAG?

TAG  contains video vignettes (short dramatic behavior-modeling videos), complete programs (ready to use training solutions), video introductions, video summaries, SMART-STARTs (jump start training or meetings), case studies, training activities, trainer resources, subject matter expert interviews and eLearning programs. The vignettes are available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Polish, German, Italian, Hungarian and many more!