Diversity 101™ - Leveraging the Power of Inclusion, Equity & Respect (eCourse)
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Diversity 101™ - Leveraging the Power of Inclusion, Equity & Respect (eCourse)

Update of Our Best-Selling DEI

Program! An inclusive workplace doesn't need to be illusive! As organizations and customer bases become increasingly diverse, it is important for employees to be able to engage and work through differences in a positive manner that supports productivity, teamwork and customer satisfaction. This best-selling program addresses the respect and inclusion component of diversity from the employee's perspective. Topics include: unconscious (hidden) bias, cultural competence, diversity moments, gender & gender identity, rumors & gossip, joking and improper expressions.

Treating others with respect is paramount to a successful and inclusive workplace. Things like unconscious/hidden bias, gender identification, crude jokes, disrespectful comments, etc. can all stress an organization not prepared for the diversity we are seeing in today's workforce.

Based on the national best-selling program, M.E.E.T. Breaking New Ground™ - this new series takes a fun, creative approach to describing the core components of diversity, inclusion and respect in the workplace.

This program is delivered online through our TrainingFlow platform. We can track each participant as they complete the course. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion when they pass the course.

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