Creating a High Performing Team (eCourse)
(Sollah Interactive)

Creating a High Performing Team (eCourse)

"An exciting new course on team and individual development! This course shows new and experienced leaders taking on a team or leaders re-defining their team, and how to get individuals to work as one unit. We'll focus on how you can create team dynamics that inspire a team. Also, we'll discuss how you can lead your team to take ownership by organizing a team charter. This course also contains links to job aids with useful team-building tips, which you can print or save to your computer or a shared drive. When you complete this course, you will be able to:

Describe team member roles.
Listcoaching points for individual roles.
Supervise creation of a team charter.
Maintain teamcharter integrity.
Determine team involvement in decisions.
Communicate team involvement indecisions.

Seat time: 35 minutes

This program is delivered online through our TrainingFlow platform. We can track each participant as they complete the course. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion when they pass the course.

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