ALL IN!™ Tackling Tough Diversity Dynamics (eCourse)
(Sollah Interactive)

ALL IN!™ Tackling Tough Diversity Dynamics (eCourse)

When it comes right down to it, no one likes tension or conflict in the workplace. But with such a diverse workforce, differences are bound to surface. ALL IN!™ is designed to provide you with practical skills for recognizing and responding to the diversity and inclusion dynamics that are often grounded in racial and cultural differences. It's important to remember that racism runs counter to our beliefs in human rights. Some people hope that avoiding awareness and discussion of racial issues is the solution. We need to challenge some of our traditional ways of thinking. Not by calling people out but by calling people in.

This program is delivered online through our TrainingFlow platform. We can track each participant as they complete the course. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion when they pass the course.

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