Attitude: The Choice is Yours™: (eCourse)
(Sollah Interactive)

Attitude: The Choice is Yours™: (eCourse)

Not only is attitude your lifetime companion, but they are everywhere and everything in life. You can't go through a single day without them. Your attitude today creates your actions, which produce your results. The primary goal of this course is to help you gain control of your attitude so you can become the person you really want to be and we'll help you get there. To keep you motivated, you will be running a Race for the Attitude 10K. Each mile you run will help you gain control over your life at work or at home by gaining control of your attitude.

This new eLearning course is designed to help you gain control over your life at work or at home by gaining control of your attitude. Understand how influential your attitude is in improving relationships and results. Great course for new leaders and new employees - that will have to turn attitudes around or be very aware of others attitudes.

Upon completion, you will be ableto:

Describe and recognize three types of attitudes.

Use five attitude-adjustment techniques to improve the way you feel about yourself, change, other people, and responsibility.

Implement five strategies for maintaining a positive attitude.

Identify the four choices you have in dealing with difficultattitudes.

Use a five-step process for dealing with a difficult attitude.

This program is delivered online through our TrainingFlow platform. We can track each participant as they complete the course. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion when they pass the course.

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