Sales-Smarts for Sales Managers

Michael Ferraro
This program is presented in a half-day or full-day session. Contact Us

This training focuses on the multiple roles of sales leaders and is especially relevant for new or struggling sales managers. Learning activities include a variety of opportunities to explore and practice skills and strategies related to modeling the S.A.L.E. process, setting goals and expectations, managing accounts and applying the coaching process.

What's the formula for success? The SalesSmarts™ S.A.L.E. Process is:

  • Set up for success
  • Analyze needs
  • Link to solutions
  • Establish commitment

Learning Point Highlights:

  • Model the SalesSmarts™ S.A.L.E. Process
  • Recognize and respond to the most common sales management challenges
  • Apply a four-step coaching process to help sales professionals employ the S.A.L.E. Process