Ready. Set. CHANGE!™

Michael Ferraro
This program is presented in a half-day format. Contact Us

Reacting Smarter. Adapting Faster. Engaging Together.

As organizations change with increasing speed, so does the pace in which employees must respond. Employees need the skills to react smarter, adapt faster and engage together in the face of change. Ready. Set. CHANGE!™ powerfully equips employees with the ability to positively and productively respond to any change - big or small.

This classroom session will address these topics:

  • Increase Change Competency: establishes a shared, common expectation among employees about how to understand and react to the kind of change businesses are experiencing today.
  • Streamline Productivity: teaches employees how to adapt to changes more quickly and with less disruption to productivity through informed decisions and improved communication.
  • Reduce Employee Stress: eases pressures, frustration and anxiety around change that result in burn-out, absenteeism or turnover by giving employees what they need to engage and thrive in the workplace.

The Change Response Assessment, part of this class, provides a personal profile that reveals four distinct patterns of behavior:

  • Driving behavior
  • Expressive behavior
  • Amiable behavior
  • Analytical behavior

After completing this training session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and understand how their reactions to change impact those around them.
  • Identify feelings, concerns or issues that may get in the way of effective decision making during change.
  • Apply The Change Response Strategy™ for ease in navigating any change.
  • Learn techniques that better meet the relationship and leadership expectations of others.