The NEW Courage 2 Coach™ (DVD)
(Sollah Interactive)

The NEW Courage 2 Coach™ (DVD)

Based on the national best-selling and multi award-winning program, The Courage to Coach™, the new Courage 2 Coach™ is sure to be another best-selling program from Sollah.

About Courage 2 Coach™

Effective coaching is the single most important factor in employee development today. Courage 2 Coach™ turns common sense into common practice with a four-step process that can be applied to any employee performance situation. C2C provides hands-on workshop activities and a realistic range of tough employee performance situations make this program ideal for organizations committed to supervisory success. This new program will help the organization:

Increase manager effectiveness
Enhance employee job satisfaction
Minimize potential lawsuits

After completing the Program, managers/supervisors will be able to

Start a coaching conversation
Coach an attitude problem
Coach an employee who won't take you seriously
Ask a good performer to do more
Document actions with an employee who's not getting the message

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