Painless Performance Conversations (DVD & USB Key)

Painless Performance Conversations (DVD & USB Key)

When tasked with delivering the uncomfortable news that an employee is not performing as expected, supervisors often feel stressed and have difficulties finding the right words to convey their message effectively.

Painless Performance Conversations will help your managers and supervisors lead performance-related conversations with confidence and poise in order to create a culture of workplace respect and accountability. This program presents behavior models with actionable and practical day-to-day advice for any supervisor looking to improve employee performance.

What is a painless performance conversation? According to author Marnie E. Green, it's a conversation with a person you care about on an issue you are concerned with, where the outcome is uncertain and the situation requires your influence.

Along with the DVD or USB Key, you will receive via an email soft copies of the support materials. They include the leaders guide and reproducible participant materials for you to use in delivering the program. A few of the modules are bleow in the Media File links to preview the program.

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