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Personal Learning Insights Profile™

 Personal Learning Insights Profile

 Personal Learning Insights Profile Photo

If you and your organization are wondering..."How can we better understand and communicate what we need in order to learn more effectively?"

To be successful in today's dynamic, information-intensive world, organizations know they must encourage and support effective, lifelong learning at all levels of the organization. The Personal Learning Insights Profile™ is the reliable, easy to use learning strategy you have been looking for. It's designed to help people identify their personal learning approach, communicate their learning needs, and access more effective learning resources. The results? Enthusiastic learners who are able to more quickly develop new capacities, discover new ways of thinking, and achieve new levels of innovative performance.


The Personal Learning Insights Profile™ is a "cognitive" learning tool that helps people identify and understand how they experience, process, organize, store and retrieve information. The profile provides a valid, reliable framework for exploring three important aspects of cognitive learning:

  • Learning Purpose: Do you enjoy learning when you can use new information to address immediate needs, or do you enjoy learning for the sake of learning?
  • Learning Structure: Do you want information presented in an organized framework, or do you want to organize information yourself?
  • Learning Activity: Do you like group learning experiences, or do you prefer to learn independently?

The Personal Learning Insights Profile™ is a flexible, multi-purpose tool that helps individuals and facilitators clearly understand and communicate different learning needs, develop effective learning opportunities, and capitalize on informal learning across a wide range of applications including:

  • personal and career development
  • management and leadership development
  • communication skills
  • team building
  • coaching and mentoring
  • performance improvement
  • group facilitation skills


The Personal Learning Insights Profile™ helps people in your organization to:

  • understand what motivates them to learn
  • recognize how they prefer information to be presented
  • discover activities that enhance learning effectiveness
  • develop action plans to maximize learning
  • design learning resources and experiences that meet diverse needs


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The Personal Learning Insights Profile™ Facilitator's Kit

 Personal Learning Insights Profile Facilitator's Kit Photo

Everything you need to administer the Personal Learning Insights Profile™ is contained in the comprehensive Personal Learning Insights ProfileTM Facilitator's Kit. Designed to provide human resource professionals, trainers and consultants with practical, research-based expertise, the kit helps you deliver Inscape Publishing's unique approach to workplace learning.

  • Provides a self-directed scoring and interpreting process that actively engages the learner in the context of personal experience
  • Simplifies complex issues to increase understanding
  • Creates a non-judgmental language for dealing with learning issues
  • Identifies preferred learning approaches
  • Gains insight into how others learn
  • Develops strategies for effective learning


  • One Facilitator's Manual
  • A fully-scripted seminar
  • Transparency masters
  • Reproducible handouts (bound and unbound)
  • Research and technical background
  • Two Personal Learning Insights Profiles™

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Facilitation Services:

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Personal Learning Insights Profile® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing.

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